BASING CONTRACT CONSULTANTS Civil Engineering and Construction Experience and Expertise
BASING CONTRACT CONSULTANTS Civil Engineering and Construction Experience and Expertise

About Us

BASING CONTRACT CONSULTANTS was established by Ken Chapman, a Chartered Civil Engineer of 40 years standing, as a vehicle for providing the contractual experience and expertise of senior professionals to smaller and medium sized companies (employers, contractors and sub-contractors) specifically for dealing with their claims, responses and disputes; whilst at the same time offering companies assistance with improving their Project Control processes and increasing the knowledge and skills of their younger members by on-the-job and more formal training.


All BCC consultants are senior practitioners from civil engineering and construction who have the necessary hands-on experience of managing and costing construction operations, AND the associated knowledge, experience and expertise needed to assist companies in dealing with their claims and responses, and with resolution of the disputes which sometimes occur.


For those who are less familiar with claims, disputes and the like, the document "Claims and Disputes on Civil Engineering and Construction Contracts" (available in 'downloads') provides details of the services we provide within an overview of the entire claims and disputes landscape. Our brochure (also available in 'downloads') contains full details of our services. They are also summarised below.


Project Control Processes

Those smaller and medium-sized contractor organisations which are more commercially aware and aiming for sustainable growth may utilise our consultants expertise to assist in improving the company's Project Control systems, internal practices and staff capabilities, so that the circumstances which might lead to a claim or dispute are recognized early and avoided.

Employer organisations will benefit in the same way if our consultants are employed to analyse and assist in improving the company's Project Control systems, internal practices and staff capabilities.


Commercial and Project Management Advice/Assistance

This service is aimed at putting in place Project Control procedures and assisting with the production of Project Control documentation so as to ensure that a party is in a position to produce sound case/proof/evidence when changes occur.


Managing the preparation of claims and responses

When written submissions are required in order to progress a claim situation where early agreement could not be reached, the parties may each have a requirement for assistance in the preparation of the required claim and response documentation. BCC consultants are able to assist a party in the following areas:

(i) Contract interpretation and case law, (ii) Collecting and assembling evidence, (iii) Forensic investigation and cost analysis, (iv) Analysis of Delay and Disruption, Extension of Time, and (v) Loss and Expense.


Expert Advice and Reports

It is sometimes of considerable advantage when preparing claims and responses to have the benefit of expert advice and/or the inclusion of an expert report to support a party's case. Our consultants are experienced in managing experts and expert evidence. They are also able to provide expert advice and reports in their own fields of expertise.


Construction Act Payments

Interim payments made by the employer to the contractor during the works must be made in accordance with the Construction Act. Disputes often occur in respect of the amounts applied for and paid. We have consultants with specialist knowledge and experience in this respect.


Dispute Management: Document Preparation and Party Representation in Adjudication

BCC will assist with the management of a dispute as required. In Adjudication we will act as Party Representative throughout the Adjudication process for either the referring party or the responding party.

For the referring party our services include preparation of the case, service of the Notice and service of the Referral. For the responding party our services include appraisal of the Referral (in conjunction with the responding party) and preparation and service of the Response.

For either party and for the duration of the Adjudication process we correspond with the Adjudicator on behalf of the party (including dealing with any jurisdictional challenges), prepare any submissions which he requires to be made (including the Reply to the Response or the Rejoinder) and represent the party at meetings.



Whilst the training of a client's staff is seen as a natural and complementary part of our services dealing with claims, responses and disputes, we have consultants with extensive experience of providing training services, and this enables us to offer training packages as a stand-alone service through JC Project Training (see 'Training').


Areas of Work

The wide experience of our consultants and their associated expertise may, in general terms, be successfully applied to claims, responses, disputes, project control and training over the full spectrum of civil engineering and construction works.

We do, however, have particular experience and expertise in:

Heavy Civil Engineering

  • RC structures
  • marine
  • dams
  • airports
  • railways

Major Building Works (including M & E)

Specialist and Domestic Sub-contracting


Based near Basingstoke but operating throughout the UK and internationally, BASING CONTRACT CONSULTANTS provides a comprehensive civil-engineering and construction claim/response and dispute service.




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